NHK announced the financial results for 2021 last year, which was decided by the management committee on the 28th.

According to this, business revenue was 700.9 billion yen, 11.2 billion yen less than the previous year's financial results.

Of this amount, reception fee income decreased by 9.4 billion yen from the previous fiscal year to 680.1 billion yen due to the impact of the reduction in reception fees from October.

On the other hand, business expenditure was 660.9 billion yen, 26.1 billion yen less than the previous year's financial results.

The reasons for this are 21.4 billion yen due to the influence of the new corona such as the reduction of program production and coverage activities such as the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and 19.8 billion yen due to further structural reforms such as review of operating expenses. ..

In addition, the operating expense ratio was 9.1%, which was less than 10% for the first time since fiscal 2003, when the announcement in the financial results was started.

In addition, as a result of efforts to curb capital investment, the business balance, which is obtained by subtracting expenditures from income, was in the black at 40 billion yen, an improvement of 63 billion yen compared to the budget that was expected to be in the red at 23 billion yen.

The entire amount of the business balance of 40 billion yen will be carried over as financial resources for financial stability.

This NHK settlement will be submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, then to the Diet after being inspected by the Board of Audit.