New details in the case of the murder of the Egyptian anchor, Shaima Gamal

Surveillance cameras revealed new details of the murder of broadcaster Shaima Gamal at the hands of her husband in Egypt, where the cameras monitored the victim entering the villa with her husband to return after two hours without her,

and investigations revealed that the victim is his second wife and she was divorced and had a daughter from her first marriage.

A source added that the driver of the Special Adviser revealed the killing of the announcer, Shaima, and advised him that he had shot his wife, according to “Cairo 24.”

The brother of the victim, Shaima Jamal, said that he had not seen his sister for 20 years, and that they had a third sister from another father, whom the mother married and lives in Upper Egypt.

The victim's brother added that "the mother was the one who separated the three brothers and deprived them of each other, and that he learned of his sister's death from the news, and he lives with the victim's father, who knows nothing so far."

Other sources said that the debate on the body of the journalist Shaima Gamal, who was killed by her husband, a judge in one of the judicial authorities, "a fugitive", and her body was buried on a farm in Abu Sir, Badrashin, Giza, in partnership with the owner of a contracting company "Mahabos", through which it became clear that she had not yet decomposed, and that it had traces of blows. In the head and suffocated in the neck, in line with the account of the imprisoned accused that the victim's husband hit her with the back of "Tabanja" and then strangled her.

The debate also revealed that there were traces of mutilation on the face and the upper part of the body, to hide the features of the victim. As a result, the body was transferred to the Zeinhom Morgue, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which asked the experts of the Forensic Medicine Authority, to determine the causes of death in preparation for issuing a decision to bury and receive the body of the victim. by her family.

The sources added, that the imprisoned accused was the one who instructed the Public Prosecution Office about the location of the corpse in the farm where the crime occurred.

The security services in Giza had found the body of broadcaster Shaima Gamal, buried inside a villa in Mansourieh, after a report was received stating that she had been absent for 20 days.

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