China News Service, June 28. According to the website of the Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on June 27, Nanjing received reports from other provinces for investigations that two people who tested positive for nucleic acid had a history of living in Nanjing, and the two belonged to the same family. live with family.

After receiving the report, the city and district levels immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, quickly implemented temporary control measures for the sites involved in Nanjing, and checked and controlled the close contacts.

At present, 4 close contacts (all family members of positive persons) have been found to have abnormal nucleic acid test results.

According to the information of the flow and adjustment, the activities of relevant personnel in Nanjing mainly involve the following places:

  June 24

  Shimao Bund New City Phase II, Building 7, one unit, the entrance of Nanjing Experimental Kindergarten, Liuhe Vegetable Market, Rehenan Road, Gulou District, and Yanhe Garden Community, Longchi Street, Liuhe District.

  June 25

  Unit 1, Building 7, Shimao Bund New City Phase II, Shimao Binjiang Ximen Happy Tomato Fresh Store and nearby Suguo Supermarket, Taiping Shopping Mall, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (Tianjin Road Gate, first floor self-service registration, outpatient clinic second and third floors), Xuanwu Dermatology Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 12, Jiangwangmiao Street, District (outpatient hall, fourth floor).

  June 26

  Unit 1, Building 7, Phase II, Shimao Bund New City, No. 35 Biao 34, Changfu Street, Qinhuai District, Little Silver Star Art Troupe (Longpan Road Center), Metro Line 3 Changfu Street to Nanjing South Station (18:00-19 :00), Nanjing South Railway Station, Subway Line S8 Xiongzhou Station (9:30), transfer to Line 3 to Shangyuanmen Station, Subway Line 3 Changfu Street Station (17:15), transfer to Line S8 to Xiongzhou Station , Huaxing Foreign Trade (Taiping South Road Store), Chenlu Fresh Food Supermarket (No. 38-6, Changfu Street), Liuhe Gymnasium (No. 80, Yan'an Road, Liuhe District), swimming pool hall, plastic track children's facility area, Liuhe District People's Hospital, Liuhe District Longchi Street Yanhe Garden Community, Happy Harbor Little Silver Star Art Troupe, No. 48 Longjin Road, Liuhe District, Qianlixiang Wonton King Store, No. 272 ​​Chaotian Street, Liuhe District.

  In addition, the Nanjing Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that, according to the national and provincial requirements for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and after the expert group's research and judgment, the Nanjing emergency command system for epidemic prevention and control agreed that starting from June 28, 2022, Adjust the Yanhe Garden Community of Longchi Street, Liuhe District to a medium-risk area.