Approximately 150 people, including asthma patients in Tokyo, have filed a petition with the Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission to seek compensation from the national government and automobile manufacturers, saying that although they have been affected by air pollution caused by car exhaust gas, the relief measures are not sufficient.

On the 28th, a lawyer and 20 patients visited the Environmental Dispute Coordination Committee in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, and filed a petition for "responsibility ruling," which is one of the means of resolving pollution disputes.

According to it, 153 people in Tokyo, Kanagawa, etc. said that although they had asthma due to air pollution caused by car exhaust gas from the latter half of the 1970s, the relief measures were not sufficient, and they told the government and seven automobile manufacturers. We are seeking compensation for damages of 1 million yen per person, including medical expenses.

For patients allegedly affected by air pollution, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government established a system to subsidize all medical expenses 14 years ago based on the contents of the settlement in the past trial, but after that, new certification was given. Since the suspension was suspended and some of the expenses were borne by the patient, patients set up a full subsidy system nationwide three years ago, and "arbitrated" with the Environmental Dispute Coordination Committee so that the national government and automobile manufacturers would contribute the necessary financial resources. Was alleged.

"Mediation" will be held privately, but according to the lawyer, the procedure was terminated due to the large gap between the parties' claims, so he filed a "responsibility ruling" to be heard in public. The focus is on how to judge the responsibilities of the country and the manufacturer.

Makiko Ishikawa, an asthma patient who serves as the leader of the group, said, "Asthma is a disease that will never be cured, and medicines are very expensive. I want you to create a subsidy system. "

The Ministry of the Environment says, "We have not been contacted at this time, so we cannot comment."

Toyota and Nissan said, "We have not confirmed the details and will refrain from commenting at this time."