A Sudanese documents his last moments before dying of thirst.. He recommended this to his wife and those close to him

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip during the past hours, depicting touching scenes of a Sudanese young man documenting his last moments before dying of thirst in a desert area in northern Sudan.

The young man, called Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed, appeared in the clip that he filmed on his mobile phone, in the middle of an area with barren sand dunes, near the city of Al-Obeidiya, about (370) km north of the capital, Khartoum. He also asked the creditors to pardon him.

In the video clip, which did not exceed a few minutes, Abdel Rahman considered that what happened to him was "written and appreciated."

And he said: “Oh my brothers, whoever wants a debt from me that I have not repaid to him, I want him to pardon me, for this matter I did not plan for.”

He advised his wife to be patient, saying: “My wife, be patient, this is God’s will,” repeating his phrase three times.

As he advised her to their children well, he also asked his father, his brothers and sisters, and those closest to his family to remember him and pray for him.

Sources revealed, according to Al-Arabiya.net, that Abdul Rahman, at the end of his thirties, is a citizen of Al-Jazira state in central Sudan, and owns a shop for selling and maintaining mobile phones in the Al-Obaidiya market.

In the details of the accident, Abdul Rahman and three others, coming on board a transport vehicle, went from a gold market called Al-Yasmeen Market to Al-Obeidiya, but the wave of rain, dust storms and sand cyclones that hit the area the past few days caused blurring of vision in front of the vehicle and it got lost on the road and penetrated into a barren area. .

Touching moments.. A young Sudanese man named "Abdul Rahman al-Sayed" documents his last hours before dying of thirst, in a desert area in the north of the country.


— Source (@MSDAR_NEWS) June 28, 2022

The accident led to the death of three people, including Abdul Rahman, of thirst, and one rescued to the hospital for treatment after they were found on Monday.

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