“The heroin announcer” .. Information about Shaima Gamal after her body was found inside a villa

Finding the Egyptian anchor, Shaima Gamal, killed, topped the headlines of news websites and search engines a while ago, after the Egyptian security services found Shaima Gamal's body, buried inside a villa in Mansourieh, after a report was received stating that she had been absent for 20 days.

In turn, a judicial source in the Egyptian State Council clarified that a decision was issued to lift the immunity of a council counselor, because of his accusation of killing his wife, broadcaster Shaima Gamal, and hiding her body inside the marital apartment in the Sheikh Zayed area, for a period of more than 10 days.

The Security Directorate in Giza received a report about the disappearance of Shaima Gamal, a broadcaster who works for a satellite channel, about three weeks ago, and at that time, the necessary investigations began to verify the authenticity of the report.

The late Shaima Jamal started her work as a presenter on the “Al-Mashaghaba” program in 2017 in Qena LTC, and achieved fame a few months after her work on the channel after her controversial incident due to heroin.

Shaima Gamal became famous for a while as the heroin announcer, after she appeared in one of her program episodes and extracted a bag containing heroin and inhaled it on the air, justifying what she had done by promising the caller to sniff the heroin on the air, and she said at the time: "I swear and I kept my promise, but it's a sweet smell."

Hence, this was seen as a blatant departure from professional and ethical standards.

That controversial incident occurred in 2017, which prompted the Media Syndicate, headed by the late great broadcaster Hamdi Al-Kunisi, at that time to take a decision to stop Shaima Gamal.

It was suspended for 90 days, and immediately the LTC channel committed to implementing the decision.

After Shaima Jamal returned to work after the end of a period according to her, she went out and announced that the substance was not a drug, but powdered sugar, and she apologized to the public.

In September 2019, Shaima Gamal accused LTC security personnel of beating her when she tried to enter the channel's headquarters, after spending the period of hiatus approved by the Media Syndicate.

After the event of the end of Shaima Jamal's suspension from work due to the heroin incident, she moved to the "Al-Hadath Al-Youm" channel, and raised the controversy again with a new incident - Rebekah Wazeh went live, called her Batata, and coated her with a white substance as heroin, In a representative scene of drug dealers hiding narcotic substances in the belly of the goose.

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