Regarding the fast breeder reactor "Monju" in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture, where decommissioning work continues, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency plans to complete the work to extract the liquid sodium used as the coolant for the reactor by FY2031. In summary, I applied to the Nuclear Regulation Authority on the 28th.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency has completed the work of storing the nuclear fuel in the reactor in the spent fuel pool for the decommissioning of Monju, and the liquid used for the coolant of the reactor from next year. We plan to move on to the work of extracting sodium.

Specifically, from next year to 2026, after taking out the equipment "Shahei" to prevent the neutrons generated by the fission reaction from going out of the reactor, the extraction of liquid sodium will be completed by 2031. is.

In addition, from next year onward, it is said that the removal of turbine generators and feed water heaters installed in power generation facilities will begin, and the JAEA applied for this plan to the Nuclear Regulation Authority on the 28th.

Hiroyuki Noji, Director of the Safety and Environment Department of Fukui Prefecture, who received a report on the contents of the plan, said, "This is the first time for Monju to start full-scale dismantling work. I want you to take sufficient safety measures at the site."