"I have papers that will lead you to shrewdness, you bribe." The quarrel that killed the announcer, Shaima Jamal

The aunt of the Egyptian broadcaster, Shaima Gamal, who was killed by her husband, who works in a judicial authority, and was buried in a rented horse farm in Giza, recounted new details about the reporter's murder that shook Egyptian public opinion.

The presenter's aunt Shaima Gamal said in an interview with "Cairo 24" that her sister's daughter disappeared for 20 days and was buried in a villa in the Mansouriya area, after her husband filed a report with the security forces about her disappearance in 6th of October City.

The aunt of the presenter, Shaima Jamal, who was killed and buried inside a villa rented by her husband, revealed many surprises about the incident of Shaima Jamal's killing, as the victim's mobile phone was turned off, and she tried to communicate with Shaima Jamal's husband, and demanded that he come to the house, saying: "The house and its demolition." They are all sloppy."

And she added: "The husband made us delude him by submitting a report by phone to one of the security officials about the disappearance of his wife, and when we pressed him and confronted him, he said: My wife is hidden and I want you to search for my wife. worry you."

And the presenter's aunt Shaima Jamal continued, that before the incident occurred, she heard the victim, Shaima, say to her husband, "Oh, the bribe. Money his eyes."

She explained that on the day of the incident, he asked his victim's wife to go to the farm to discuss some matters, saying: "This farm is for dogs, and we will buy a calf."

And Shaima Jamal's aunt continued, "The victim's daughter Jana, while reviewing the surveillance cameras, said that she saw the accused appear in his car after the execution of his crime. His clothes were all worn out."

The presenter's aunt, Shaima Jamal, said that they lasted about a week in search of their daughter, adding: "I told her husband that I would go to the directorate to file a report and she reached."

Shaima Jamal's aunt revealed new details before her murder, as she said that the accused had approached the report with Shaima Jamal's mother last Tuesday, and the accused told her mother: "Give me 10 thousand and keep quiet." We preferred to go around him and go to the places where he sits, including a cafe in Mohandessin, but he disappeared after that.”

وأشارت إلى أنه قبل حدوت الواقعة بأيام، حدثت مشادة كلامية بين المتهم والمذيعة، قائلة: "أنا سمعت شيماء بتقوله أنا ماسكة عليك مستندات، ولو مش هتشهر جوازي لمراتك هطلعها"، ورد المتهم: "أنا هشهر جوازنا اللي كان في السر".

وقالت خالة المذيعة شيماء جمال لحظة اكتشاف جثة المجني عليها في المزرعة: "في قلب مزرعة لقوها ميتة ومحطوطة في حفرة، وجوزها اللي قتلها"، وتابعت بأنها طلبت من والدة المجني عليها بضرورة اتهام زوج شيماء جمال بقتلها، موضحة: "قبل كشف الجريمة شكيت فيه"، واختتمت: "أطالب بإعدامه.. ونثق في قضاء بلدنا العادل".

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