Affected by the high-altitude trough at the rear of the subtropical high and the ground cyclone, starting from the afternoon of the 27th, rainy weather occurred successively in the southern and central parts of Jilin Province, and heavy to heavy rain occurred in some places.

As of 20:00 on the 27th, the province's average precipitation was 3.4 mm. Regional distribution: Tonghua 11.6 mm, Siping 8.5 mm, Baishan 6.3 mm, Liaoyuan 4.3 mm, Changchun 3.7 mm, Changbai Mountain Reserve 2.6 mm, Jilin 0.9 mm, Songyuan 0.9 mm , and less than 0.5 mm in other areas.

  There were 2 heavy rain stations, 10 heavy rain stations and 168 moderate rain stations.

The top five precipitation: Lishuhequan Village 58.7 mm, Gongzhuling Shiwu Town 52.9 mm, Lishu Changshan Village 44.7 mm, Gongzhuling Sanmen Song Village 37.3 mm, Liaohe Reclamation Area Shuangshan Duck Farm 32.7 mm.

The maximum 1-hour rainfall was 37.6 mm, which appeared in Lishuhequan Village.

According to statistics at 17:00 on the 27th, there are 10 reservoirs in the province that exceed the flood limit water level, among which: the large Liangjiashan Reservoir exceeds the flood limit by 0.1 meters, and the three medium-sized reservoirs in Northwest Cha, Chai Fulinzi and Shanmen exceed the flood limit by 0.03 to 0.18 meters; The 6 small reservoirs exceeded the flood limit by 0.03-0.3 meters, and all of them were discharging in an orderly manner.

  At present, the rivers in the province are stable, and they are all running below the warning water level.

  (Reporter Zhang Xucheng, Jiang Zhi, Zhang Aoran, Liu Qiang, Xu Yang, and Pei Yang)