Volunteers are scarce.

“The situation remains very tense” in associations after two years of health crisis, according to a study published Monday by the network of Research and Solidarity (R & S) experts.

According to this survey, carried out from April 26 to May 30, 2022 among 2,776 association leaders, the situation is only considered good by 36% of the leaders questioned.

"With regard to volunteer resources, the situation remains very tense", estimates R & S. Among the subjects of concern "for the coming months" come first "volunteer human resources available for activities" (63%, + 3 points compared to a previous study carried out in 2019), “the renewal of leaders” (47%, almost stable) or even the financial situation and the reduction in the number of members (37%, +12 points).

Lack of financial means

Support expectations relate for 44% to “recognition of the civic role and social usefulness” of associations as well as to financial means, with a third (33%) asking for administrative simplifications.

The survey distinguishes associations with employees (55% want more financial resources, +14 points) from those without employees (47% demand recognition of the civic role and social utility, +6 points).

The study highlights the concerns of the leaders of small associations (those whose annual budget is less than 10,000 euros) whose “general situation today and for tomorrow is more often considered difficult”.

Disparities according to the fields

Depending on their field of intervention, association leaders express different concerns.

In social action, there is “greater concern with the evolution of public policies and relations with state services”.

In health, the general situation is considered more difficult today and for the months to come.

There is more concern in the associations involved in education and training “about volunteer resources”, a concern that is also found in the sports field.

In cultural action, the situation is a little more favorable with regard to voluntary work, but more financial difficulties are concentrated there.


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