Due to the temporary loss of a USB memory containing the personal information of all citizens of Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, a company that had been outsourced by the city re-consigned part of its business to another company without permission. I found out what I was doing.

Amagasaki City is considering future measures, saying that it is an act contrary to the contract.

Regarding this problem, the person concerned with "BIPROGY", an IT service company outsourced by Amagasaki City, entered personal information such as the names, addresses, and dates of birth of all 460,000 citizens. I lost my USB memory temporarily.

According to Amagasaki City and others, it was found that the company had subcontracted part of its business to affiliated companies without the permission of the city due to this problem.

According to the contract, if the business was outsourced to another company, it was necessary to obtain permission from the city, but the necessary procedures were not taken.

In addition, the affiliated company of the subcontractor had outsourced a part of the business to yet another company.

Initially, "BIPROGY" lost the USB memory as an employee of the subcontractor's affiliated company, but corrected that it was actually an employee of the subcontractor's company.

"BIPROGY" commented, "I didn't go through the procedure where I should get permission. I take the situation very seriously."

On the other hand, Amagasaki City said, "I learned about the subcontracting for the first time in response to this problem. It is an act contrary to the contract, and it is verified and examined by a third-party committee that newly establishes the history and future measures. I will make a decision. "