The number of drug addicts has dropped year after year, causing zero accidents, and Guizhou has further promoted the special anti-drug "clean-up" campaign

  □ Our reporter Wang Jialiang and Wang Helin

  □ Long Bei, correspondent of this newspaper

  "After successfully leaving the community for detoxification, I will no longer be exposed to any drugs. In the days to come, I will actively face life and serve the society and my family with labor. Please bear witness for me..." Recently, Mr. Zhong Cao, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province After the three street drug rehabilitation and rehabilitation personnel took the oath, community anti-drug party member volunteers and anti-drug specialists jointly issued the "Community Drug Rehabilitation and Community Rehabilitation Certificate" for them.

At the same time, the street also hired drug rehabilitation personnel as anti-drug volunteers, allowing them to participate in anti-drug propaganda work and regain social recognition.

  This is a powerful epitome of Guizhou's normalization and long-term efforts to control drugs.

Since the deployment of a three-year anti-drug "clean-up" special campaign in March 2020, Guizhou Province has insisted on both prevention, control and construction. The drug situation in the province has continued to improve. The number of existing drug addicts has declined for four consecutive years. A major breakthrough was made. Jinsha County, Bijie City, a national-level key remediation area, and Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, and Qixingguan District, Bijie City, the early warning and notice areas, all "removed their hats".

  "We insisted on treating both the symptoms and root causes, widely mobilized the masses, and improved the investigation mechanism of 'simultaneous filing' and 'retrospective strike', which effectively curbed the development and spread of new drug crimes in our province. The relevant person in charge of the Anti-Narcotics Corps of the Guizhou Provincial Public Security Department said.

  innovation engine

  Since the special action, a total of more than 5,000 community-based drug addicts in Gui'an, Guiyang have been detoxed and returned to society. The rate of drug addicts who did not relapse after 3 years of detoxification has also increased from 34.29% in 2019 to 67.83% now.

  In recent years, Guiyang has relied on the successful experience of "scientific detoxification and long-term linkage" by formulating local anti-drug laws and regulations, supported by the construction of "precise drug detoxification big data application platform" enabled by science and technology, and standardized the establishment of "aggregation" of teaching resources. The post station is the position, and the "three-level guarantee responsibility system" for the management, assistance and education of drug addicts in the county and villages is the starting point, and the anti-drug work is further promoted.

  Since the beginning of the epidemic prevention and control work, Guiyang Gui'an has used the advantages of "China's Digital Valley" to develop a functional module for "drug prevention" evaluation and training, and with the help of the "Air Guizhou Course" online teaching platform, it has produced online teaching videos, and the online and offline prevention education has been improved. Organic fusion.

  At present, Guizhou is deeply promoting the four key tasks of "clearing the source and cutting off the flow, key rectification of drug control, establishment of demonstration cities, and special treatment of drug problems in rural areas", consolidating and improving the effect of governance on the huge number of drug addicts and the prominent problems of outflow and drug trafficking. Effectively enhance people's sense of security and happiness.

  Technology empowerment

  "Accurate and reliable test data can bring a reliable basis for the study and judgment of drug situation." Zou Meng, chief of the supervision section of the Zunyi Anti-Narcotics Office, said that in recent years, Zunyi City has continuously innovated drug problem management, focusing on the management and services of drug addicts. Hand in hand, jointly develop a smart anti-drug platform with technology companies, explore the establishment of a five-level linkage management and control service system for drug addicts at the city, county, township, village, and group levels, strengthen the social management and control of drug addicts, and build a grid-based management of drug addicts The service system, using new technologies and means such as big data and artificial intelligence, effectively strengthens the dynamic management of drug addicts.

  The Drug Control Office of Zunyi City further improved the drug monitoring and early warning system by automatically extracting data to analyze the drug situation, and integrated the use of hair detection, sewage drug testing, drug testing and other technical means, and enhanced the forward-looking and targeted drug control work. .

Since the system was popularized and applied, the mandatory rate of drug addicts from compulsory isolation centers in the city and the implementation rate of social rehabilitation and social health have achieved "two 100%"; Violent crimes (incidents) committed by drug addicts and cases of drug-making materials flowing into illegal channels have achieved "three zero occurrences".

  In recent years, Guizhou Province has made full use of new technologies such as the Internet and big data to speed up the construction of an all-round drug monitoring and early warning system, improve regional cooperation, police type synthesis, and cloud-based research and judgment work mechanisms, strengthen the basic work of anti-drug intelligence research and judgment, and focus on improving online inspections. The ability of investigation and control and offline strikes has become an important part of the "drug inspection system".

  According to statistics, the number of drug-related crimes in Guizhou has dropped from more than 8,500 in 2016 to more than 2,000 in 2021, and the high incidence of drug-related crimes has been effectively curbed.

  social co-governance

  "Marijuana, opium, methamphetamine, heroin, which of the above four drugs is a new type of drug?" As soon as the staff finished speaking, a crowd quickly replied, "I know, it's methamphetamine."

  This is the scene of the "Three Going to the Countryside" team of the Anti-drug Office of Longli County, Qiannan Prefecture, organizing anti-drug specialists, legal publicity volunteers, and lawyers to come to Endeavour Community to carry out anti-drug legal education and publicity activities.

  Yanhe Xinyan Village in Tongren City used to be a national first-class poverty-stricken village, and 14 people had a history of drug addiction.

In 2021, the Anti-Drug Commission of Guizhou Province has set off a wave of rural drug problem control in the province. Xinyan Village has become the first batch of rural drug problem control pilot villages in the province. With the promotion of local departments and anti-drug experts, the village has not only been successfully lifted out of poverty. , and also achieved the remarkable effect of "zero growth" of drug addicts.

  The Public Security Bureau of Tongzi County, Zunyi City adheres to the leadership of party building, invites the masses to enter the grass-roots police station, and reports to the masses the results of safety construction face-to-face through the police camp opening activities.

  "Guizhou has always regarded preventive education as a fundamental solution, insisted on moving forward, and further promoted national anti-drug propaganda and education. In 2021, the province's newly discovered drug addicts will drop by 41.23% year-on-year, declining for 6 consecutive years. The concept of 'healthy life, green and drug-free' It is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people," said the relevant person in charge of the Guizhou Provincial Anti-Narcotics Corps.

  According to reports, in recent years, the anti-drug departments in Guizhou Province have adhered to the principle of putting people first and life first, and have fully implemented measures such as purchasing medical insurance, assistance and subsistence allowances for sick and disabled drug addicts. , 710 people were placed in public welfare positions, and more than 30,000 people were placed in scattered places. Big data, artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological means were used to improve the management services and investigation and control efficiency of drug addicts, and to achieve "zero occurrence" of drug addicts causing accidents.

  Not only that, Guizhou has innovated and improved the dynamic management and control mechanism for drug addicts, continued to strengthen the "three cleanups and one collection", and carried out the "safe care" action on a regular basis, and the recovery rate of drug addicts has increased significantly.

In 2021, the number of outflow drug trafficking hits in the province will drop for six consecutive years.

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