On June 27, in Nanning, Guangxi, the panda siblings "Jimei" and "Jilan" celebrated their 6th birthdays. The panda elder brother "Jimei" tasted bamboo and showed his taste as a foodie, while the cute panda sister "Jilan" was well-behaved. Sitting next to the "ice cake" to be cute.

On the same day, Nanning Zoo held a 6th birthday party for the giant pandas "Jilan" and "Jimei". The keepers made "ice cakes" with bamboo leaves, apples and ice cubes to celebrate the "brother and sister" pandas. Birthday.

At the event site, citizens and tourists watched the giant pandas up close, participated in the celebration of the giant panda's birthday, etc., and learned about the daily life of the "national treasure" panda.

It is reported that the panda "brother and sister" was born on June 27, 2016. His father is "Mei Lan", the first star panda from Chengdu to return from the United States, and his mother is "Jili".

The picture shows the panda sister "Jilan" tasting "ice cake".

Photo by Yu Jing

Release time: 2022-06-27 17:20:01 【Editor: Li Jun】