Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 10:54 a.m., June 27, 2022

Affected by the vote of a motion of no confidence from the journalists of the editorial staff, the director of information for France Télévisions, Laurent Guimier, finally finds the budget to maintain the fixed-term positions which were threatened.

But the anger of the editorial staff of France Télévisions has not subsided.

Small miracle at France Télévisions.

Last Thursday, the journalists of the drafting decided to submit to the vote a motion of no confidence against their director of information Laurent Guimier.

They blamed him, among other things, for the non-renewal of a third of the CDD positions in the editorial staff.

It must be believed that the threat of a possible loss of position had a surprise effect on the group's finances: the management finally found the budget to win the journalists' case.

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An ongoing tension

The editorial staff of France Télévisions finally obtained the maintenance of the 16 journalists on fixed-term contracts, but also the hiring of two of them on permanent contracts.

Laurent Guimier had promised the Society of Journalists of France Télévisions to strengthen the editorial services for the summer, before announcing the non-renewal of a third of the fixed-term contracts.

This point of friction between journalists and management is therefore resolved.

But the question of these jobs is not the subject of tension within the editorial staff of France Télévisions.

Relations with Laurent Guimier, who took up his post in September 2020, have been strained for several months and the editorial staff still accuse him of "disorganization" and a "lack of interest" in his teams.

The vote on the motion of no confidence will therefore still take place next Thursday.