Abortion in the United States: The Regression

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Protesters in the streets of New York on June 24, 2022, after the US Supreme Court's decision to revoke the right to abortion at the federal level.

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Does the United States still live up to its name?

We knew they were divided, but the fracture, dug under the mandate of Donald Trump, suddenly became gaping.

About half of the American states are on the verge of prohibiting or restricting the right to abortion, while the other half are organizing to welcome women who will no longer have access to Voluntary Interruption at home. pregnancy.


In overturning Roe v. Wade last Friday (June 24, 2022), the Supreme Court removed all abortion protection at the federal level and left it to the states to legislate on this issue.

This decision illustrates the politicization of a judicial body that is supposed to place itself above the parties, and shows the effectiveness of the strategy developed several decades ago by the ultras of the conservative camp, faced with an overly naive Democratic camp, or helpless.

Other rights are threatened, even if Americans are attached to them.

Today, Decryption takes a look at the historic decision of the Supreme Court, which will transform the lives of American women.


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