Cai Qi's video dispatching inspection of epidemic prevention and control and flood control work emphasized

Unremittingly do a good job in epidemic prevention and flood prevention to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city

  Chen Jining, Wei Xiaodong and Zhang Yankun dispatched inspections together

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Qi Mengzhu Fan Junsheng) Yesterday afternoon, Cai Qi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, dispatched and inspected the epidemic prevention and flood control work through the video system.

He emphasized that the current is in the flood season, and the epidemic prevention and control is also in the stage of sweeping and clearing. It also coincides with the congress of the party. All districts, departments and units must be on duty and responsible, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and flood prevention. Go all out to do a good job Rainfall response work to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, and to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the city.

Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Wei Xiaodong, Chairman of the CPPCC, and Zhang Yankun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, dispatched inspections together.

  Cai Qi emphasized that epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed at all.

The city's emergency response mechanism for epidemic-related risks must operate 24 hours a day, with rolling inspections and scheduling.

Each district further digs and arranges key cases in depth to ensure that risk points and personnel are not missed and managed.

The newly identified new epidemic-related risks will be classified and controlled as soon as possible.

Continue to carry out high-quality key screening and normalized screening, and do a good job in epidemic prevention management of primary and secondary schools returning to school.

For the problems found in the epidemic prevention work, we will make inferences from one case to the other and do a good job of rectification.

Respond promptly to social concerns.

  Cai Qi emphasized that the city ushered in the first heavy rainfall process after the flood season, accompanied by obvious strong convective weather and strong short-term rain.

To continue to strengthen the rain monitoring analysis and rolling forecast.

In mountainous and shallow mountainous areas, the risk of secondary disasters such as floods in small and medium-sized rivers, mountain torrents, and geological disasters caused by heavy rainfall is relatively high. It is necessary to strengthen inspection and risk elimination, and do a good job in the transfer of people in mountainous areas to avoid casualties.

Strengthen flood control inspections of rivers, reservoirs, dams, etc., to ensure the safety of flood discharge.

Strengthen waterlogging prevention in urban areas prone to water accumulation, timely solve drainage problems in old communities, bungalows and courtyards, and low-lying urban areas, and respond to citizens' appeals immediately.

Carry out risk investigations on construction sites, sheds and temporary facilities in the city to eliminate potential hidden dangers in a timely manner.

We will do our best to guarantee the traffic during the morning rush hour on Monday to ensure smooth roads and safe travel for citizens.

The city's primary and secondary schools strengthened flood control inspections, and organized teachers and students to return to school in an orderly manner according to the plan to ensure campus safety.

  Cai Qi emphasized that we must always tighten the string of safety, effectively implement the safety production responsibility system, do a good job in the investigation and resolution of potential safety hazards, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of major safety accidents.

All districts, departments and units should strengthen emergency duty, strictly implement the three-level 24-hour on-duty system with special personnel on duty, and deal with and report any emergencies as soon as possible.