The calm between the storms.

The serenity of the office of Thierry Thuillier, the boss of the info of the private group, contrasts with the effervescence of the news, which never stops.

Like the group, which has chosen a multi-channel strategy, on its TF1 and LCI channels but also on its social platforms, in response to the splitting of uses, for coverage of the presidential and then legislative elections, as well as the head of the newsrooms from TF1 and LCI details it in an interview with Le


this Sunday.

Prioritize in-house talent

“I was very affected by the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, but I did not measure how deeply the company would be affected by it.

We miss him and, honestly, we had a hard time getting over it,” says Thierry Thuillier.

Does the channel want to bring in new personalities like Jean-Jacques Bourdin, recently thanked by BFMTV?

"The answer is no," says the news boss.

It is not a value judgment on his personal situation, but as we wish to favor in-house talents, the question does not arise”.


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