Recently, various places have successively released the results of the 2022 college entrance examination, and started to carry out the voluntary filling of the college entrance examination.

The Ministry of Education requires that schools in all regions should actively provide candidates with public services such as voluntary reporting and consultation, implement the "2022 College Entrance Escort Action", and beware of the trap of "high-priced voluntary reporting guidance".

Is artificial intelligence filling in volunteers reliable?

  With the release of the 2022 college entrance examination results in various places, filling in volunteers has also become the most concerned issue for candidates and parents.

Mr. Meng, who lives in Henan, also encountered such a problem.

  "Filling out volunteers takes the most energy. We listen to lectures frequently and learn how to fill out volunteers. The key is to understand each school, to be familiar with the advantageous subjects of each school, and whether children are interested." Mr. Meng said.

  The reporter noticed that the so-called "voluntary planning services for the college entrance examination" are generally divided into two types. One is the traditional offline service, which generally provides one-to-one consultation for candidates or parents, and the price ranges from 1,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. not wait.

The other is the voluntary reporting software that relies on the so-called algorithmic big data artificial intelligence, and the price is generally several hundred yuan.

  The reporter found a business that provides one-to-one college entrance examination voluntary reporting consulting services through a search engine. According to its official website, the teachers responsible for answering questions have many titles, including gold medals and seniors.

The staff told reporters that the consultation fee is differentiated according to the qualifications of the tutors, "It depends on what profile you want to choose. Our tutors are divided into gold tutors and senior tutors, offline one-to-one consultation, 8800 yuan, (cheaper) ) There are also thousands of dollars, and the higher the price, the better the qualification of the instructor.”

  In this regard, Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said that most of the data provided by these businesses is public information on the official website of the school, the website of the Ministry of Education and the Sunshine College Entrance Examination platform.

"It is difficult for ordinary students to obtain this information because admissions are mainly conducted by the admissions office at present. The degree of participation of various colleges and universities, the demands of colleges and universities for their own admissions, and the specific admissions information are not presented on the public information platform. quite difficult."

  In addition to the common one-to-one paid consultation, for the so-called artificial intelligence filling, Chu Zhaohui believes that the data and results obtained by such software can only be used for reference, not superstition, "AI is mainly an information tool, and some students may need it. AI. This information can also be comprehensively viewed through other channels. Don’t use AI as an artifact for deciding your own professional application, but only as a reference tool.”

Beware of "Five Scams"

  The Ministry of Education recently issued a warning that some institutions or individuals in the society conducted "high-priced" voluntary reporting consultation activities to candidates and parents, and there were problems such as inaccurate policy interpretation, inaccurate information provision, irregular fee collection and even fraud.

  The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security also issued a reminder to remind candidates and parents to be alert to five common telecommunication network scams targeting college entrance examination candidates, including early score checking scams, internal quota scams for subsidized places, forged admission notice scams, subsidy scams, and volunteer guidance scams.

  Qin Chunhua, dean of the Peking University Examination Research Institute, pointed out that the reason why similar situations occur frequently is mainly because of the information asymmetry in the voluntary admission process of college entrance examination.

  Qin Chunhua said: "The development of higher education is relatively fast now, and there are many new majors and fields, and even new terms and terms. These contents are far away from the general public. Therefore, whether students or parents, face a vast sea of In the case of information asymmetry, there will be fear, confusion, and anxiety. Many liars often use people's psychological anxiety, and even consciously create such anxiety, making people fall into the trap step by step."

Where can I find volunteer information?

How to choose a university major?

  Qin Chunhua said that in recent years, various colleges and universities, social welfare organizations and social welfare people have done a lot of work in helping students fill in the application form.

  "The first category is the admissions offices of various colleges and universities. Not only the staff of the admissions offices of colleges and universities, but also the school has mobilized teachers and students to volunteer to participate in the admissions work, which is the most important channel.

  The second category is the media.

Do a variety of admissions counseling sessions, including online counseling sessions.

  The third category is some volunteers, and a large number of voluntary reporting agencies.

Some of these institutions rely on their own professional knowledge and in-depth research to provide professional services for customers and candidates, but there are also mixed situations, even some people have not even studied in college, he also guides others to fill in the application volunteer.

The service and quality of such an organization can be imagined.

" Qin Chunhua said.

  Regarding the choice of majors that many parents and candidates are concerned about, Qin Chunhua said that majors are not unpopular and popular. Even if a major is currently popular, the situation will change in a few years.

"If you follow the professional enthusiasm, you will always be in a state of swing. A person's life is very long, and the career changes he experiences are also cyclical, so we should use a stable and unchanging professional expectation, to deal with changes in the outside world.”

  From June 22nd to 28th, the Ministry of Education's "Sunshine College Entrance Examination" information platform will hold the "2022 College Entrance Examination Online Consultation Week" activity. All colleges and universities will provide free voluntary consultation services for candidates through text Q&A and live video. .

Education departments, examination institutions and colleges and universities will also make full use of information technology to provide policy interpretation, reference information and consultation guidance for candidates and parents through multiple channels and multiple methods.

  Here, we also remind the majority of candidates and parents that candidates should comprehensively refer to the consulting service information provided by the local admissions and examination institutions, their middle schools, and relevant colleges and universities, and fill in the report independently and reasonably according to their actual situation. Serve.