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the end

Abdullah Al Qamzi


27 June 2022

Why are we so obsessed with the ending?

No end!

The end captures our minds and hearts more than the beginning, and everything has a beginning and an end in our lives.

You find someone who reads a novel and criticizes it, and when you ask him: What compels you to continue?

He says: I want to know what will happen in the end.

He did not mention the beginning, but the end.

You find someone watching a series or a movie and playing with his phone, and you ask him: Aren't you interested in what you watch?

VR: Not much, or I've been fooled by what I'm watching, but I want to know what happens in the end!

It's the end and you know what the end!

You sit down to unleash your imagination and think about what to write in this article, then ask yourself: What is the end of this thinking?!

Then you think about your life and your future and wonder: How will this life end?

What happens after death?

It's the ghost of the end!

You want to watch a movie, any movie, you fall asleep and say to yourself: I will continue watching tomorrow, but the end!

I can't sleep without knowing the end!

So what is the secret of this ending that grips our hearts and minds?

Why don't we care about the beginning as we care about the end?

Why do we sometimes enter the cinema when we missed the beginning, so we don't care, but we bear a lot in order to reach the end?

Did I not tell you that it is the magic of the end?

Ask a lot of people about the beginning and end of something, many will say we don't remember the beginning but we can't forget the end!

Read all the news about wars and crises, you will find the headlines saying: 3 possible scenarios to end the Ukraine war, or for example: How will the British Parliament crisis end (this is from my imagination).

The important thing is that it is the end.

Does anyone remember how Russia's war on Ukraine began?

No, but people will remember how it ended.

From a psychological point of view, the beginning prepares the element of the story and gives the context that attracts you as a follower, but you can often follow the story even if you miss its beginning, but the end puts points on the letters, and if you stop watching or reading before the last chapter, you will not be able to form an opinion about what you saw or read it.

What is the secret of our obsession with the end?

The secret is that it is sad, terrifying, it simulates our unknown future that we fear because we do not know it, it is the curiosity in our minds and hearts.

The difficult ending forces us to confront undesirable facts.

It's not desirable if it's the end of something fun, or we eagerly anticipate it if it's the end of something hard.

It brings the two extremes together, but without it nothing we do makes sense.


Hollywood studios use the ending to measure audience satisfaction in demos. If the audience denounces it, the studios force filmmakers to reshoot and change the ending.

So the end is more important than the beginning and the most important part in the films, and here is the end of the article, do you remember its beginning?!


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Why don't we care about the beginning as we care about the end?