Recently, in the remote ultrasound diagnosis room of Linzhou County People's Hospital, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, a patient was lying on a diagnosis and treatment bed, and an automated robotic arm performed a physical examination for him through a probe.

The man who operates the robotic arm is a doctor from Suzhou Municipal Hospital 4,000 kilometers away.

  In 2021, Jiangsu aided Tibet to build the first (set) remote ultrasound diagnosis system in Lhasa at the Linzhou County People's Hospital.

The system is based on remote ultrasonic robots and 5G smart devices, which can realize real-time ultrasonic scanning of Suzhou-Linzhou, counties and villages.

Through this system, doctors in Suzhou can conduct corresponding physical examinations for patients in Linzhou County "with zero distance".

(Reporter Ran Wenjuan produced Zhou Jing)

Responsible editor: [Tian Boqun]