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Religions of the world, Sunday June 26, 2022, last show with Geneviève Delrue.

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By: Geneviève Delrue

1 min


World religions - Sunday, June 26, 2022 - 11:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Paris time)

On the occasion of my departure from RFI, I return with my guests to the news of religions over the past three decades.

Created in 1993, the emission Religions of the world will indeed celebrate, in one year, its thirty years of existence.

Continuation of dechristianization, rooting of Islam in France and search for visibility through the wearing of the veil, continuation of the hemorrhage of Eastern Christians, etc.

each guest, journalist specializing in the treatment of religion, will express what he retains of this period.

In duplex from France Bleue Auxerre

, the journalist and historian of the papacy

Bernard Lecomte

, in the studio

Samuel Lieven

, editorial director of the weekly

Le Pèlerin


Mohammed Colin,

co-founder of


, an online Muslim daily.

With the participation of

Faouzia Zouari

, journalist and writer, and journalists

Philippe Clanché

from the weekly



Thomas Wallut,

producer on France 2 of the program

Chrétiens Orientals.

From Sunday July 3, 2022, Véronique Gaymard, hitherto number two in the RFI International service, takes the reins of the show.

Thank you for your faithful listening and the interest you have shown in the program over time.



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