It is strictly forbidden for training institutions to profit from voluntary reporting and consulting services

  News from our newspaper (intern reporter He Rui) The 2022 college entrance examination voluntary reporting work is being started one after another.

The Ministry of Education has recently deployed schools in various regions to further strengthen and standardize the consultation service for voluntary reporting for the college entrance examination, and it is clearly prohibited for off-campus training institutions to seek benefits through voluntary reporting and consulting services.

Schools and teachers are not allowed to fill in the voluntary or designated voluntary school on behalf of candidates.

  The Ministry of Education requires that schools in all regions should strengthen voluntary reporting and consulting services in accordance with the principles of self-reporting by candidates and public services provided by examination institutions and schools.

Strengthen the publicity and interpretation of enrollment policies, and implement the "Five Ones" voluntary reporting consultation service activities - at least one voluntary reporting policy training covering all teachers and students, providing a volunteer reporting guide material, organizing an online live consultation activity, broadcasting Publish a TV or radio policy publicity program, and release a period of volunteer reporting warning information; carry out volunteer reporting training for candidates and parents, so that candidates are familiar with the volunteer reporting process and methods; teachers should guide candidates to combine their own interests and aspirations as well as college admissions policy requirements , fill in the volunteers independently and reasonably.

  Schools in various places should strengthen the standardized management of volunteer reporting, instruct candidates to properly keep personal information, and strictly prevent volunteers from being stolen and modified by others.

Schools, teachers and off-campus training institutions are strictly prohibited to seek benefits through voluntary reporting and consulting services.

Schools and teachers in senior high schools shall not fill in the application form or designate voluntary schools on behalf of candidates, and shall not charge any fees from parents of candidates or colleges for admission.

Local education departments and admissions examination institutions will work with market supervision, public security and other departments to conduct a comprehensive investigation of education consulting institutions and off-campus training institutions that conduct voluntary college entrance examination consultation in their respective administrative regions, and seriously investigate and deal with non-compliant operations, non-standard services, and fees. Unreasonable and other issues, and severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts in accordance with the law.