A 27-year-old police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department was arrested on the 25th for breaking into the changing room of a restaurant in Tokyo and stealing cash.

After the social gathering of the staff he belongs to, he admits to the investigation because he was visiting the store at the second party.

The person arrested was Atsushi Noguchi (27), a police officer who belongs to the police department of the Tsukiji Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, on the afternoon of the 25th, he broke into the changing room of a restaurant in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, and was suspected of stealing and invading a building because he stole a total of 38,000 yen in cash from the wallets of multiple employees. Has been held.

An employee who noticed that he had run out of cash had witnessed a police officer coming out of the changing room, and he admitted to the investigation.

On the 25th, the police officer attended a social gathering for his clerk at another store in Tokyo, and then visited the store at the site for a second party with some of his colleagues.

At that time, he was drinking a considerable amount of alcohol, so the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.

Regarding the arrest of the police officer, the Metropolitan Police Department commented, "It is extremely regrettable. We will take strict measures based on the results of the investigation."