For so-called plane spotters, the G-7 meeting in Elmau is the event of the year.

Because the most famous plane in the world can now be seen at Munich Airport: US President Joe Biden's Air Force One.

The American plane landed in Munich on Sunday night.

Secret conversions make this machine, based on a Boeing 747-200B version, the most expensive and best protected aircraft in the world.

There are two copies of the US government aircraft.

They are designated by call sign as either Air Force One or Air Force Two, depending on whether President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris is on board.

Dubbed Type VC-25A, these 747-200Bs are true vintage aircraft.

Because they were built in the late 1980s.

The details of their special equipment to protect the President are still largely unknown.

In any case, both machines are equipped with a state-of-the-art self-protection system that defends the 747 in the event of a missile attack.

Should it be necessary to increase the range, there is even the option of refueling the Air Force One in the air.

For this purpose, a US tanker aircraft with an extendable fuel filler neck flies in front of and slightly above the 747. Similar to a fighter plane in the air, the tanker aircraft supplies it with kerosene via an extendable line.

Theoretically, it would then be possible for the government aircraft to remain in the air non-stop for several days and nights.

However, experts explain that the limit is around 70 hours due to the oil consumption of the four engines.

State-of-the-art communication systems are also on board.

Because both planes are also flying command centers for the American President.

Dormitories available on board

Dormitories are available on board for the President or his deputy, as well as conference or rest rooms and places for journalists traveling with them.

One of these rooms also serves as an infirmary if necessary.

The crew of Air Force One is 26 people.

A maximum of 102 employees and passengers can fly.

The range of the 747-200B is 12,500 kilometers with a full tank.

Other members of the presidential flying convoy include an optional tanker and at least one transport plane carrying the armored limousine.

During a possible second term in office, President Biden may also see the commissioning of the new Air Force One, which will then be called the VC-25B in technical jargon.

Two 747-8Is ordered and completed by Boeing were not accepted because the Russian airline that ordered them went bankrupt.

The US Air Force then bought both 747s.

They are currently being converted into government aircraft at great expense.

A purchase and conversion price of around four billion US dollars was rumored for the two new VC-25B.

It was originally said that the first of the two machines could be ready for use in 2024.

Due to numerous problems during the conversion and high cost increases, which, however, will probably remain with Boeing because of the agreement on a fixed price, the completion of the first machine is now only expected in 2026.