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Headlines: Borne stays at Matignon, Macron persists and signs

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Emmanuel Macron confirms Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister, in an interview with AFP on June 25, 2022. © AP / Gonzalo Fuentes

By: Norbert Navarro

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The president told Agence France Presse.


I have decided to confirm my confidence in Elisabeth Borne


It is up to the Prime Minister to find a way to form a government in an arc going from the Communist Party to the right-wing party Les Républicains, excluding, therefore, La France insoumise and the National Rally.

But the French, indeed, are not happy with the Macron-Borne tandem.

According to an Ifop poll for 

Le Journal du Dimanche

, 61% of them are unhappy with Emmanuel Macron, and 52% with Elisabeth Borne.

The sinking press for Macron

The weekly press is shipwreck like never before for Emmanuel Macron.


The macronie on the mat, behind the scenes of a disaster

", launches the front page of 


In the Lepeno-Melanchonist vice, French tragedy,

” adds that of the weekly 

Le Point


Emmanuel Macron, "

the relative president

", formulates that of 


That of 


 wonders if Macron is “

out of harm's way?


Emmanuel Macron had begged French voters " 

not to add French disorder to global disorder 

", recalls 

Le Point


 He will have to face both simultaneously, and he bears his share of responsibility for this misfortune.

Since losing its parliamentary majority on June 19, France has become a political risk for Europe and a major subject of concern for our neighbors and our allies


 Le Point warns.

Macron facing his destiny

This president has two obsessions, summarizes 


 : “

not to be the one who hands over power to a populist or a radical, like Barack Obama welcoming Donald Trump to the White House;

not be just a parenthesis in the history of the Fifth Republic


Sure of himself, Emmanuel Macron saw nothing coming.


The belching of a Jean-Luc Mélenchon, proclaiming his imminent arrival at Matignon every day, would, for sure, be enough to remobilize reasonable voters in a last gasp.


 , ”points  out


In Le Point


, an “ 


” of the president confirms that Macron “ 

never considered this scenario.

He may have fallen asleep on his laurels


He who wanted to put an end to demonetized parties – which he compared in 2016 to a

 “friendly association of bowlers, without friendship and without balls” –

will remain like the one who resuscitated the combinazione of the Fourth Republic

 ”, insists this weekly.

Observation shared by 


, which takes stock.

A united left, a tenfold extreme right, reinvigorated Republicans, a diminished majority: Emmanuel Macron finds himself besieged in the aftermath of a chaotic election.

His second five-year term promises to be infinitely more difficult than expected 


Especially since the economic context is worrying, underlines 




While we were promised

“happy days”

after the Covid crisis, the French economy is sinking back into depression




, the sociologist Jérôme Fourquet remarks: " 

We turn away from the voting booth today as we turned away from the church yesterday




goes there with her formula: “

The polling stations are burning, and we are looking elsewhere!

These legislative elections have confirmed that voters are melting as fast as the ice floe


Rachel Keke, from shadow to light

The press finally greets the new entrants to the National Assembly.

Among these deputies, Rachel Keke.

According to 

Paris Match

, Rachel Keke, a Franco-Ivorian housekeeper who led a strike against the management of the Ibis Batignolles hotel in Paris, is one of those who “ 

could play a major role for the next five years


Rachel Keke?

She is, for 

Paris Match,

the representative of the invisible



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