• This Sunday, the Calanques National Park experimented for the first time with an online reservation system to access Sugiton, and thus protect biodiversity.

  • Some tried to bypass the pre-screening system, but the majority of visitors had taken them.

  • The lucky ones were delighted to benefit from a heavenly creek, quiet and far from the usual crowds.

Under a crushing heat on this last Sunday of June, Redha and her friends walk the long road that leads to the paradisiacal cove of Sugiton, in Marseille.

“In fact, today, we have planned a short day in the creeks as we have been doing for ten years.

Without, beforehand, reserving QR codes on the Internet, all that, all that, explains the young man, whose Marseille accent does not deceive on his origin.

And there, we arrive and we have the info that this system passes today.


This system is the establishment of a mandatory QR code to access the creek of Sugiton, in Marseille.

This Sunday, in fact, was experienced for the first time in France a logic of online reservation to visit this threatened space.

Objective: limit attendance to 400 people per day, and thus preserve this emblematic place of the Calanques National Park threatened because of the erosion caused by the tourist overcrowding of the site.

“We will try to chat”

“We opened the places for reservation Thursday at 9 a.m., explains Zacharie Bruyas, communication officer with the park.

And the whole thing left around 4 p.m.

We didn't know what to expect, even if we didn't expect it to go so quickly.

“Too quickly for Redha, who was taken aback… but who does not intend to give up.

“There, currently, we have no pass, explains the young man.

Even if we are told "Don't go, don't go", we will try, since it's in our blood, to force the thing a little bit.

Either we will go around by small paths, or we will force the roadblock a little bit orally, speaking kindly… Redha smiles.

We will try to chat, as they say in Marseille!


Up at dawn

In his little tent, Marty, the security guard in charge with his colleague of controlling each pass, wants to be deaf to those who flirt with him.

“There are mischievous people trying to get through, he laughs.

One explained to me that he had been checked higher, and that, on the road, he had deleted his pass!

I replied that it was nice to have tried, but that I was sorry to tell him that he had to turn back.

This is the worst joke I've had, that one.

There are also some who make believe that they are not French…”

Others, more motivated, got up at dawn to access the small cove with crystal clear waters before the opening of the checkpoint.

“We got up early this morning, around 6 a.m., plague Julien.

It's a bit shit all the same, their thing.

The beauty of nature should be accessible to everyone, not just those who have booked!


“There are a lot fewer people”

Subterfuges and scowls that remain rather rare on Sugiton's path.

The vast majority of visitors have taken their disposal and applaud the implementation of such a measure.

“I come often, confides Dimitri.

And usually, even at the end of the morning, it's already quite full.

There, we were alone until 11am!

“I know that usually, Sugiton, it's very busy, abounds Sébastien, who has just taken a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

And compared to other places around Marseille, it's very nice.

It's quiet, peaceful, with a great view!


On the small beach, you no longer need to play Tetris to be able to spread out your towel.

Conditions that even bring some disgusted Marseillais back to these heavenly coves.

“It must be one or two years since I came here when I am from Marseille, smiles Camille.

When I saw the quota system, I thought it was going to be taken over.

And finally, it is very pleasant.

I am surprised.

There are far fewer people.

Before, we had trouble finding a place to sunbathe or meet on the trail.

It may also have changed the population.

There are fewer young people with loudspeakers playing the music loudly… I would like to thank my friends from Lyon for having reserved a pass for Sugiton!


"I live right next door," enthuses Isabelle.

I find it very pleasant there.

Usually, I never come in the summer.

Already, it is hot, and there are far too many people to be able to swim.

There, it's great!

“The device worked perfectly, rejoices the director of the park, Nicolas Chardin.

This bodes well for the future.

There are no bad surprises.

The system will be renewed next Sunday, before going into effect every day from July 10 to August 21.

In total, this Sunday, 342 people showed up at the Calanque de Sugiton with their QR Code.


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