[Explanation] On the 25th anniversary of the return to the motherland, Hong Kong continues to maintain prosperity and stability under the "one country, two systems" principle. Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong for more than half a century are witnesses and participants of history.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 4,000 Chinese-funded enterprises and subordinate entities registered in Hong Kong, with businesses covering finance, technology, trade and other fields, with total assets reaching HK$14.98 trillion.

  These enterprises have experienced the process of modern Chinese history, deeply participated in the reform and opening up, and witnessed the changes in all aspects of society since Hong Kong returned to the motherland 25 years ago.

  [Concurrent] Chu Zongsheng, Assistant General Manager, Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Merchants Group

  The fate of Hong Kong and the fate of the motherland are intertwined, and Hong Kong has always played an indispensable and important role in the development of China's history.

In the 25 years since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the mainland's economy has been closely linked, and it has transformed from a manufacturing industry to a service industry dominated by financial trade and shipping and logistics.

I personally feel that the trend of Hong Kong's medium and long-term economic improvement has not changed, and Hong Kong's sound legal environment for doing business has not changed.

  [Explanation] Over the past 25 years, Chinese-funded enterprises have taken root in Hong Kong, helped various economic development and people's livelihood construction, and made important contributions to Hong Kong's integration and serving the overall situation of the country.

  [Concurrent] Chen Ying, Chairman and CEO of China Resources Enterprise, Assistant General Manager of China Resources Group

  In terms of large-scale consumption, China Resources has a food business in Hong Kong. The famous "three express trains" in those days were specifically implemented by China Resources Ng Fung, which provided Hong Kong residents with fresh pork, eggs and vegetables for basic living.

In addition, based on the development requirements of Hong Kong society, China Resources Group is also closely integrated with Hong Kong society in many fields in warehousing logistics, commercial centers, and medical services.

  [Concurrent] Chu Zongsheng, Assistant General Manager, Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Merchants Group

  In the past 25 years, especially in the early stage of reform and opening up, China Merchants Group has made full use of Hong Kong's advantages in facilitating financing, bringing the experience of a mature market economy to the mainland, and of course including some funds, industries and personnel introduced from Hong Kong.

After entering the new era, China Merchants Bureau has also promoted the development of Qianhai through the establishment of a cooperative enterprise in Qianhai with Shenzhen.

We have also signed a strategic agreement with Shenzhen to join hands to serve Hong Kong and Macao to serve the Bay Area and serve the whole country.

  [Explanation] Along the way, Hong Kong has faced many crises, and Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong are always at the forefront.

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong have assisted the SAR government in fighting the epidemic in different ways.

  [Concurrent] Kong Xiangzhao, Chairman of China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

  We are engaged in community isolation facilities this time, and we have 6 projects that are temporary and 2 are permanent buildings.

We also have employees in the Mainland, and we hope to come to Hong Kong to support our work for this project.

Our company provides patients with reassuring quarantine packages, and everyone has a package. At the same time, we also donated 1,200 sets of hospital beds to Fangcang shelter hospitals.

Every employee, we all use one to do this thing (do a good job), and we also see the enthusiastic approval of (our) compatriots in Hong Kong.

  [Explanation] Hong Kong is in a critical period of governance and prosperity.

In Chu Zongsheng's view, Hong Kong will face many challenges, but more opportunities.

As long as we give full play to our own advantages and integrate into the overall situation of national development, we will usher in a broader world.

  [Concurrent] Chu Zongsheng, Assistant General Manager, Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Merchants Group

  I think I personally believe that for a long time, Hong Kong's financial status and role cannot be replaced by other places (in the mainland). On the other hand, the huge market opportunities in the mainland will definitely provide a broad horizon for Hong Kong's economic development.

I think that if Hong Kong wants to develop, it really needs to be integrated into the overall development of the country. Only Hong Kong can develop better. I believe it will also be a good supplement or mutual assistance to the mainland. We are indeed full of confidence in the development of Hong Kong.

  Reporter Wang Shibo Yang Chengchen reports from Hong Kong

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]