China News Service, Guangzhou, June 25th (Cai Minjie Yuejiao Comprehensive) The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation on the 25th that after 8 consecutive days and nights of rescue efforts, the eastern section of Shenhai Expressway, which was interrupted by two-way traffic due to heavy rainfall, has been closed. At 9:00 on the 25th, it was fully mobilized, and the entire line was reopened to traffic.

  Affected by the heavy rainfall, at 15:33 on June 16, a landslide occurred at K2568+750 eastbound of the eastern Shenshan section of Shenhai Expressway, and a large number of rocks rolled down the road, the largest stone was about 400 cubic meters, causing two-way traffic interruption. There were no casualties at the scene.

  The Shenshan East Section of Shenhai Expressway is the north-south vertical trunk line of the national expressway network and one of the main traffic passages in eastern Guangdong.

The rescue headquarters organized more than 400 rescue personnel and more than 300 sets of machinery and equipment from China Railway 14th Bureau Group, Jingtong Highway, Hongda Blasting and other units to participate in the rescue.

  There are still 4 large unstable and dangerous rocks remaining on the site of the landslide, and there are hidden dangers of falling. Moreover, the slope is steep, and there are a large number of dangerous rocks and boulders on the top of the slope. subject to certain restrictions.

Photo taken by Yuejiao after the rush

  In response to this situation, the headquarters invited experts to conduct a detailed survey and took scientific countermeasures. On the one hand, the four large pieces of dangerous rock mass were blasted and dismantled many times. Concrete, hanging nets, etc., temporarily reinforce the mountain to prevent it from collapsing again.

On the other hand, the use of geological radar, monitoring robots, on-site monitoring and drones to continuously monitor the slope displacement, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and ensure the safety of emergency operations.

At the same time, the rocks rolled on the road were blasted and cleaned up in time, and the road and traffic safety facilities were restored.

  At present, the collapsed rock mass at the site has been completely removed, the hidden dangers of the slope have been effectively controlled, and the road has resumed two-way traffic.