On June 24, in the center of the 44-meter-deep pool in the Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment Hall, the stainless steel mesh shell, the main support structure of the neutrino detector, was successfully installed.

  The stainless steel mesh shell with a diameter of about 41 meters is the largest single stainless steel structure in China.

It is made of prefabricated welded H-beams spliced ​​by 120,000 sets of high-strength stainless steel ring groove rivets.

The precision of structural manufacturing and installation is much higher than that of conventional steel structures.

The installation gap between the connection hole and the ring groove rivet shall not exceed 1 mm, and the assembly accuracy of the spherical reticulated shell grid shall be less than 3 mm.

  As the main support structure of the neutrino detector, the stainless steel mesh shell will carry plexiglass balls with a diameter of 35.4 meters, 20,000 tons of liquid scintillators, 20,000 20-inch photomultiplier tubes, and 25,000 3-inch photomultiplier tubes. part.

  The Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment is located in Kaiping City, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. It is jointly constructed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Province. It is also a large-scale international cooperation project. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2023.

The main scientific goal is to determine the neutrino mass sequence and accurately measure the neutrino mixing parameters, and to carry out a number of other scientific frontier researches.

(Reporter Sun Zifa produced Liu Yinghan's video from the Institute of High Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Responsible editor: [Lu Yan]