I still remember walking out of the college entrance examination room full of confidence

  Is the "social cow" boy

Zhang Juncai


  At the time he said

“I”m always keeping a low profile”

(keep a low profile)

  Recently, Sichuan college entrance examination scores released

  Zhang Juncai's total score is 667 for


  After checking the scores of the college entrance examination

  He hugs his family

  How children behave when they walk out of the exam room

  Zhang Juncai's family said they were not surprised

"Usually he doesn't care how low or high the test is.

It's all like this

Wherever you go, you can bring sunshine.”

  Zhang Juncai said that in the future, I want to become

  People like Zhang Jing, senior translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  Over 100,000 netizens liked him:

  I want to keep a low profile, but my strength doesn't allow it

  From the 23rd

  National college entrance examination results announced one after another

  Weeping with joy, hugging with excitement, comforting with warmth...

The scene of the students' name check is coming



  June 23, Kunming, Yunnan

  Ms. Chen and her husband accompanied their son to check the scores of the college entrance examination

  After seeing the total score

  Husband jumped up in excitement and danced

  Shout out "Yes, yes"

  Ms Chen said

  "I think it's worth it for the children to work hard for so many years.

  Son is great”

Instantly excited

  June 23, Jiujiang, Jiangxi

  boy checking time

  The family was silent at first

  After seeing the ranking

  Instant applause

excited scream

  June 23

  A candidate from Inner Mongolia inquired about the results of the college entrance examination

  My sister nervously "draws the lottery" with him

  The moment I saw the total score of 554 points

  Siblings screaming with excitement


  June 23, Pingxiang, Jiangxi

  A student calmly reported his college entrance examination results

  The total score is 653 points, with full marks for physics

  Calm and calm

secretly wipe away tears

  June 23, Kaiyuan, Yunnan

  The boy's college entrance examination score found that he scored 681 points

  calm face

  while the father is behind the boy

  One hand patted his shoulder, the other hand secretly wiped away his tears

happy to cry

  Recently, Ganzhou, Jiangxi

  A repeater nervously inquires about the scores

  When I know the grades are good

  Mom happily hugs her son

"It's fine, it's alright!"

  The next second, the mother covered her face and wept: 

"He did his best and we are all happy"

hug and cry

  Recently, Zunyi, Guizhou

  A boy checks the time

  Knowing that the college entrance examination results were higher than expected

  Excited, hugging parents tightly and crying

  "It's okay, it's okay"

  boy parents say

"Work hard, be worthy of yourself"

  got good grades


Efforts are worth it


Do your best

  Recently, a girl failed to perform well due to the college entrance examination

  Scores are much lower than usual

  I hid in the bathroom and cried for a long time after the score check

  mother hugs daughter to comfort

"I have no blame

Instead, he kept reassuring her 'do your best'"

  There are surprises, there are disappointments

  Each scene of the name check is different

  but the same is

  Everyone was there for that time

  persevered, struggled

The college entrance examination is not the end

As long as there is hope, there is dream

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Good luck to all students!