Ben Omar questioned the authenticity of the information announced by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior - in an exceptional press conference held today, Friday at its headquarters in the capital, Tunis - regarding the existence of a terrorist plot to target the life of the country’s President Qais Saeed, and that these threats are great, stressing that it arrested 3 people from the “Namaa” association. The association was accused of receiving funding from abroad.

While noting that it was the fourth or fifth time that the authorities announced an assassination attempt on the president, Ben Omar wondered - in his speech to the 24/6/2022 episode of the "Beyond the News" program - about the fate of the previous announcements and the reason for not revealing the findings of the investigations regarding them.

He added that what the Ministry of Interior announced is a matter related to national security, but the authorities did not deal transparently with the issue, and did not provide public opinion with details about it, and even the journalists who were present at the ministry's press conference left without providing them with data confirming the seriousness of the allegations revealed by the Ministry. Tunisian interior.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the Tunisian authorities have talked about an attempt to assassinate the president, as an attempt to kill him has already been announced in what is known as the case of the poisoned envelope, and again in what is known as the poisoned bread.

Fears of a wave of arrests 

In response to a question about whether the disclosure of threats to the life of the president raises fears of a wave of security arrests that may affect opponents, the Tunisian lawyer confirmed the existence of such fears, because the announcement of the Ministry of Interior comes in the context of a political crisis that the country is going through, and in light of the authority's efforts to end isolation imposed on it in any way, in addition to the arrests of political figures.

As for academic Dr. Rabeh Al-Kharaifi, a former member of the National Constituent Assembly, he has another vision. He said that the statement of the Ministry of the Interior is a revelation of the initiation of criminal acts, and it differs from previous statements regarding the threats received by the President of the Tunisian Republic, hinting that the aim of the announced scheme is With the aim of confusing the issue of the new constitution proposed by President Said and hitting Tunisian tourism.

The Tunisian guest demanded strict security measures to protect Tunisians, stressing that even a politician has no immunity if he commits criminal acts.