The heat is setting in in northern Italy.

While it has been over 30°C in Lombardy for several weeks, a new heat wave threatens.

The whole region has been placed in a state of emergency due to the prevailing drought.

The mayor of Milan thus announced this Saturday that, as part of the water restrictions due to the drought, the decorative fountains of the city will be without water until the end of September.

The fountains "in which flora or fauna are present", as well as "the lakes and irrigation canals of the city parks" will however continue to be supplied with water, said Beppe Sala in a press release.

This will also be the case for drinking fountains, due to the high temperatures.

He also called on residents of the city to minimize the use of potable water for cleaning and for watering plants, and indicated that lawns and green spaces in the city would cease to be watered. exception of recently planted trees.

And if the use of air conditioning is not prohibited, he also asked his fellow citizens to maintain, both at home and in offices or shops, the temperature at 26° or more, "to reduce the energy consumption and thus avoid the risk of black-out".

Like Milan, many Italian cities have implemented water rationing measures, after a particularly dry and hot spring.

The Po, Italy's longest river and its most important water reservoir, is at its lowest in 70 years.


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