At only 20 years old, Billie Eilish is one of the most requested artists in the world.

This means that she cannot skip endless and exhausting tours, especially after the long months of shutdowns caused by the pandemic.

And while she was in the United Kingdom on the occasion of the Glastonbury festival, of which she became, by the way, the youngest headliner, the pop star was kind enough to give the

Sunday Times

her point of view. about the life on tour which delights her as much as it overwhelms her.

“Going on tour is still something crazy that humans do.

It's so unnatural for people to experience such extremes,” she explained.

“It seems like everything is falling apart.

It's like living five different lives at once.

Something crazy but extraordinary.


awful summer

Especially since for Billie Eilish, the summer period is particularly trying.

And for good reason: the singer hates summer!

“I hate the heat.

I hate sunlight (when it's too strong).

Literally every June in my life has been rotten.

I hate the month of June.

And do you know why ?

It's Gemini season.

It is a cursed period, ”she assured.

“But we are rewriting it.

We're going to have a good month.

So I lay out the dreamcatchers and cast some charms, 'cause fuck June.

And July too.


So no need to ask Billie Eilish what she thinks of the month of August!


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