Ballet dancers belonging to Russian theaters held lessons in Tokyo for Japanese children who suspended their study abroad due to the military invasion and taught authentic acting and techniques.

This lesson was held in Meguro-ku, Tokyo by ballet dancer Kohei Fukuda, who belongs to the Novosibirsk Theater in Siberia, Russia and returned to Japan after a military invasion.

Twenty-two people between the ages of 10 and 15 who couldn't fulfill their wishes to study ballet in Russia or who stopped studying abroad and returned to Japan participated in the event. The dancers also taught.

After practicing the basics of raising and rotating their legs to the piano performance, the children were divided into groups and individuals to learn the real performance and techniques.

Kokoro Nakata (12), who participated from Gifu Prefecture, said, "It was difficult, but I learned. I'm sorry I couldn't go to Russia, but I hope I can go someday."

Anna Maejima (12), who returned from studying in Russia, said, "I still want to go back to Russia and take lessons, so I will continue to practice for that."

Mr. Kohei Fukuda, the organizer, said, "Russian ballet has a history of spreading to the world by people who have been exiled in revolutions and wars. I want you to continue working hard. "