An Egyptian businessman kills his wife and burns her body because she is "pregnant with a girl"!

A businessman killed his wife "because she was pregnant with a girl", then burned the body and buried it in a desert area, in a new horrific incident in Egypt within a week.

Upon the wife's disappearance, her family submitted three reports to the police station in her area of ​​residence, expressing their suspicions about her husband, but the husband informed the investigation authority that his wife left the house and did not return and does not know her whereabouts.

As the investigations progressed, the husband admitted that a quarrel erupted between them, after which he directed successive punches to his wife, who could not bear the beating because she was three months pregnant.

The victim's family stated that the husband became angry when he learned that his wife was pregnant with a girl, while he wanted a boy.

The victim's brother stated that the victim spoke to his wife on the day of the incident by phone and told her that her husband was threatening her with death, because he knew she was pregnant with a girl, and then quickly ended the call.

He added: "We then called her phone more than once, but she did not respond."

Investigations revealed that the killer threw his wife’s body in a desert area in the 6th of October City in Giza Governorate, and set it on fire to hide her features.

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