Recently, more than 100 children in a kindergarten in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province developed symptoms of physical discomfort. On June 23, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Lianhu District stated that the cause was initially determined to be caused by Salmonella infection, and the specific source of infection is still under investigation.

The Lianhu District Education Bureau responded to the incident and said that it had filed an investigation into the kindergarten's concealment.

  The kindergarten involved is located on Zaoyuan West Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an City. It is a private kindergarten. It has 19 classes in 3 grades and 637 children in the kindergarten. Classes have been suspended due to the collective symptoms of children.

On June 17, some parents reported that many children in the kindergarten where their children were located had symptoms such as blood in the stool, nausea, and high fever.

On June 19, the Lianhu District CDC immediately went to the kindergarten to carry out investigations. Experts from the provincial and municipal CDCs investigated a total of 135 cases, and extracted and tested the respiratory secretions and feces of the children.

  On June 23, the staff of a special class organized by the Lianhu District Education Bureau stated that the preliminary judgment given by the provincial and municipal CDCs was Salmonella infection, and the source of the infection was still under investigation.

  At present, the health, disease control, market supervision and other departments of Lianhu District have filed an investigation on the kindergarten, urging the improvement of the hardware facilities of the kindergarten to ensure full coverage of monitoring.

  (Headquarters reporter Huang Lixin Tan Haimei)