China Weather Network News The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a high temperature yellow warning at 06:00 on June 25:

  It is estimated that during the day on June 25, western Inner Mongolia, eastern Shaanxi and Guanzhong area, most of Shanxi, central and southern and northeastern Hebei, central and southern Beijing, Tianjin, most of Shandong, most of Henan, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu, and northwestern Hubei. There are high temperature weather of 35-36 ℃ in southern China, central and eastern Hunan, most of Jiangxi, eastern Sichuan, Chongqing along the Yangtze River, central and eastern Guangdong, northern Fujian, the northern side of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, and the southern Xinjiang Basin. Among them, Shaanxi The highest temperature in parts of Guanzhong, southwestern Shanxi, central and southern Hebei, southern Beijing, western and southern Tianjin, central and western Shandong, central and northern Henan, and northern Anhui is 37-39 °C. In other places, it can reach above 40 ℃.

  Defense Guide:

  1. Relevant departments and units shall make preparations for heatstroke prevention and cooling according to their duties;

  2. Minimize outdoor activities in the afternoon;

  3. Provide heatstroke prevention and cooling guidance for the elderly, weak, sick and young people;

  4. Personnel who work under high temperature conditions and who need to work outdoors for a long time during the day should take necessary protective measures.