China News Service, June 23. According to the website of the Ministry of Water Resources, on June 22, the Yangtze River Committee held a flood control meeting to analyze and judge the development trend of water and rain conditions in the basin, and arrange a new round of heavy rainfall prevention work.

  According to the water and rain conditions, the combined inflow of Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake is on the decline, but affected by heavy rainfall, from 8:00 on June 21 to 8:00 on 22, there are still 31 stations in the Yangtze River Basin that exceed the warning level (the exceeded warning range is 0.01~ 6.28 meters), of which 1 station exceeds the guarantee (1.13 meters beyond the guaranteed range), 4 stations exceed the historical range (0.16-1.10 meters beyond the historical range), involving 19 rivers, concentrated in the upper and middle reaches of the Xiangjiang River, Ganjiang River, Rao River in the two lakes water system River, Xinjiang, Xiuhe, and Poyang Lake areas, among which the water level of some sites in the upper and middle tributaries of the Le'an River and the Xiangjiang River exceeds the historical record.

  According to the hydrometeorological forecast, there will be two rainfall events in the Yangtze River Basin in the next week.

From June 22 to 24, there was a rainfall process that moved from northwest to southeast. The intensity was mainly moderate to heavy rain. The cumulative surface rainfall during the process was 30-50 mm between the Mintuo River and the Three Gorges, northeast Hubei, near Wuhan, and near the mainstream of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. , Chuhe River 30-60 mm; there was a mobile heavy rainfall process from 25 to 28, and the accumulated surface rainfall during the process: Jiamin River Basin, Qujiang River, Three Gorges Area, Jianghan Plain, most of Han River Basin, Dongting Lake Area, Northeast Hubei and Wuhan Nearby 30 to 60 mm.

Considering the rainfall in the foreseeable period, it is expected that the Mintuo River, Jialing River, and the Three Gorges Reservoir will have a flooding process, and some tributaries may have floods exceeding the warning level and the risk of local heavy rainfall causing mountain torrent disasters and small and medium-sized river floods is high.

  The meeting emphasized that there are currently many super-alarm stations in the Yangtze River Basin, and the expert group of the Ministry of Water Resources composed of experts from the Yangtze River Committee is still in Jiangxi to assist in guiding the flood defense work, and a new round of heavy rainfall is about to form, the flood control situation is still severe, and the flood defense level IV will continue to be maintained. In emergency response, all relevant departments and units must maintain a high degree of alert, resolutely overcome paralysis and luck, and do a good job in various tasks.

First, we must pay close attention to the changes in water and rain conditions in the basin, and strengthen monitoring, early warning and forecasting; second, we must continue to conduct rolling consultations and judgments to ensure that the cascade reservoirs in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River are in place, and the Three Gorges Reservoir can choose an opportunity to carry out ecological scheduling tests according to the incoming water conditions; third, we must continue to do a good job in With technical support, we will make every effort to do a good job in the flood prevention work in the two lakes and the water conservancy project dangerous situation disposal work, so as to ensure the safety of flood control in the basin.

  After the meeting, the Yangtze River Committee issued flood notices to the water conservancy departments (bureaus) of Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, and Henan provinces (cities), requesting the full implementation of the work requirements of the National Defense General and the Ministry of Water Resources, and pressing Consolidate flood control responsibilities, closely monitor weather changes, roll out monitoring forecasts and consultations and judgments, release early warning information in a timely manner, strengthen scientific dispatch of water engineering and water conservancy project inspections, and especially take precautions against mountain torrent disasters and small and medium-sized river floods in heavy rainfall areas , Dangerous reservoirs and small reservoirs are safe for flood season, drainage and waterlogging prevention in low-lying and flood-prone areas, and safety management of projects under construction. Strictly implement the leadership team and 24-hour on-duty system, timely and accurately report relevant information, and comprehensively do a good job in prevention and response.