A trial made possible because the cyclist had activated the camera he was wearing on his jacket.

A truck driver who had deliberately knocked down and then beaten up a cyclist who had beckoned him to pull over on a small country road, appeared this Thursday before the Saintes criminal court (Charente-Maritime).

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The facts took place last January.

The images taken by the cyclist were then posted on the internet where they went viral.

“It is a rarity to be able to prosecute the perpetrator of such acts for intentional violence”, welcomes Michel Benezra, the lawyer for the association Mon vélo est une vie, which was seized of the case by the victim.

“Today, he assures, in 80% of cases, when a cyclist is hit, it is voluntary.

But it's very hard to prove unless the scene is filmed.

Images show the dump truck squeezing him to the point of dropping him

The images show a narrow road in Charente-Maritime, between Royan and Sémussac.

When they start, the cyclist has already passed the dump truck to which he has signaled to drive more slowly and to get closer to his side of the road.

In vain, he will say, since he is forced to roll on the grassy side.

The cyclist resumes his journey, but soon hears an engine behind him.

Worried, he plugs in his camera.

Footage shows the dump truck overtaking him and squeezing him to the point of dropping him, then stopping.

The driver and his passenger, who is his minor son, get out of the truck, shout at the cyclist and start beating him, breaking the camera.

“People use their vehicles to get justice”

This short film allowed the public prosecutor of Saintes to prosecute the driver for willful violence with a weapon by destination, in this case a dump truck, which resulted in a temporary interruption of work for more than eight days (30 days in total) .

For Téodoro Bartuccio, president of “My bike is a life”, this kind of news item “is regular.

It doesn't stop.

(…) People use their vehicle to get justice”.

He intends to use this case to change the law and mentalities, by pleading for tougher penalties against drivers.

In a press release, his association called on “the lovers of the little queen to come and support the victim, by attending the judgment in cycling attire”.

The cyclist lives in fear

The cyclist, according to his lawyer, now lives in fear because his alleged attackers "live next door and regularly pass by his house".

"Especially since the driver is known to the courts and has a criminal record," says the defender.

The driver faces three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

He was appearing alone, his son, less involved, having been the subject of an alternative measure to prosecution before the prosecutor's delegate.


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