You were hiking in a group, and you fell in love with this woman who had come to hike the mountain with her friends.

Or you left for a family kayak trip, and the instructor did not leave you indifferent.

Yes, summer often changes habits.

Just like love!

And it can happen that the two intersect, creating unique love stories.

For our upcoming series "Funny Place to Meet", we can't wait to hear the story of your summer romantic encounter(s) in the great outdoors.

You were on summer vacation and you found love while hiking in the mountains?

Or on a kayak trip, helmet on your head and life jacket on your back?

No, it was more on the occasion of a horseback ride.

Or was it during a surf session, climbing a volcano, deep in a cave with your caving group…?

Was love at first sight immediate?

Who approached the other?

Did the activity play in your rapprochement?

Did your romantic relationship last?

Tell us !


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