A student disguises himself in a woman's dress to take his girlfriend's exam

News sites in Morocco reported that a young man disguised himself as a woman in order to enter a hall and take the annual exam for his girlfriend.

According to reports published by local media in Morocco, the western incident occurred at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences in the city of Mohammedia, when the young man disguised himself in women's clothes, trying to enter the university campus in preparation for taking the exam on behalf of his girlfriend.

Before entering the exam hall, the college's security teams were able to detect the young man's ploy and that he was wearing women's clothes in order to defraud the law and deceive the university and to take the exam instead of his girlfriend.

The university teams contacted the security authorities to intervene, which in turn arrested the disguised young man by trying to deceive the security guards and deceive the university by entering the exam instead of his girlfriend.

His girlfriend, a student, was also arrested for complicity in the fraud, and they were transferred together to the relevant security authorities pending investigation.

This incident aroused the astonishment and astonishment of the pioneers of social networking sites in Morocco and several other countries.

Mohammedia is a coastal city in Morocco located 15 km northeast of Casablanca in the west of the country.

Administratively, the city of Mohammedia belongs to the Casablanca district.

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