Marie Gicquel, edited by Alexis Rey-Millet 1:14 p.m., June 23, 2022

For Zinédine Zidane's birthday, a look back at the impact of the football legend on French culture, but also internationally.

From his double in the World Cup final, to his volley in the Champions League final, passing by his headbutt in 2006, Zizou thrilled fans in the stadiums, but also everywhere else.

Half a century of legend for Zinédine Zidane: Zizou is 50 today.

His debut at Cannes, his revelation to the Girondins, his hatching at Juventus, his consecration at Real Madrid, not to mention his exploits in Blue... Over the years, the Marseillais has quite simply become a legend among football legends.

Among his "highlights", we think in particular of his double in the 1998 World Cup final against Brazil, his volley in the 2002 Champions League final and his swaying dribbles against Brazil in 2006... A real model for his peers, but also an inspiration for artists.

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Inspiration in many areas

Zizou's legendary left foot is the envy of many, starting with the rapper Soprano: "Me, I don't have the valves of Jamel (Debbouze) nor Zizou's left foot".

A left foot that is worth gold, especially when you know that its crystal replica made by a famous French crystal house costs around 40,000 euros. 

The legend of French football has also been invited to the big screen, giving the reply to Jamel Debbouze in 

Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games 


Embodying the Egyptian "Numérodis", the latter appears in particular alongside Tony Parker.

When we think of Zinédine Zidane, we also think of his headbutt on Materazzi in the World Cup final in 2006. A gesture that gave birth to the song

Coup de Boule 

(2006) de la Plage and which was immortalized in a statue over five meters on display at the Sports Museum in Doha, Qatar.

Zidane has not finished inspiring, while NFTs, virtual works, have been created in the image of the French number 10.

A new line on the list of Zizou, who is playing extra time.