Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, Nishitetsu Bus will operate an electric bus in Kitakyushu City from next week, and unveiled a modified body of a used bus.

Nishitetsu Bus will newly introduce an electric bus that is a modified used large bus equipped with a motor and a battery, and is named "Retrofit Electric Bus" that is a modified old machine with new functions. increase.

This electric bus was jointly developed by Sumitomo Corporation, a major trading company, and an electric bus maker in Taiwan, and on the 22nd, the car body was unveiled at the sales office in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu.

This is the first time that an electric bus has been introduced on a route in Kitakyushu City, and from 27th this month, we plan to operate the route between Kokura and Kurosaki / Orio four times a day as a demonstration experiment.

According to Nishi-Nippon Railroad, etc., this time, used buses were transported to Taiwan, but in the future, we plan to remodel buses in Japan to reduce costs and popularize electric buses.

Nishi-Nippon Railroad's Engineering Manager Tetsuo Yamaguchi said, "Reducing carbon dioxide in public transportation is a big issue, and we have made a start. I want you to feel that it is an earth-friendly bus."

In addition, Yoshito Miyazaki, General Manager of the Beyond Mobility Division of Sumitomo Corporation, said, "I hope that people will feel the electric bus on their skin, which will change their consciousness and behavior in order to protect the environment."