On Tuesday, the Council of State confirmed the ban on wearing the burkini in the municipal swimming pools of Grenoble.

This decision only suspends article 10 of the new regulation, adopted on May 16 by the municipal council, which introduced an exemption for “outfits not close to the body” shorter than mid-thigh.

Therefore, the rest of the rules may apply.

The monokini, for example, will indeed be authorized, confirms with

20 Minutes

the town hall of Grenoble.

Just like the use of lycra bathing t-shirts to protect against the sun's rays.

"A tremendous step forward", she believes, since this new regulation "makes it possible to lift the ban on wearing close-fitting bathing suits" and introduces "equality between men and women".

The lifting of the monokini ban

From now on, women will no longer be required to wear a swimsuit top.

They will indeed have the possibility of bathing bare-breasted in the same way as men swimming bare-chested.

On Tuesday, the Council of State suspended part of the new regulations for Grenoble swimming pools, considering that the derogation in question, "very targeted", was in reality "intended to satisfy a religious claim".

Furthermore, it risked inducing “unequal treatment” of users, contrary to what Eric Piolle defended.


Burkini in municipal swimming pools: Facing the Council of State, Eric Piolle brandishes swimsuits and burkinis


Grenoble: How the Council of State justifies the ban on the burkini in municipal swimming pools

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