Don't you think

, "Children's balcony falls, our railings are expensive, so it's okay."

In fact, even higher railings than we think can get over and fall.

The risk is even higher as there are more opportunities to open windows and balconies to improve ventilation with Korona-ka.

Is the balcony of your house okay?

(Osaka Broadcasting Station reporter Fumi Nakamoto)

I know?

Children's Kiken

A fall accident from a child's balcony, which increases from spring to autumn to open windows for ventilation.

When NHK released a video introducing the danger, various opinions and experiences were received.

I know?

Children's Kiken

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How can I prevent it from falling?

The most common voice we received was "what should I do?"

Therefore, we asked Mikiko Ohno, a director of NPO "Safe Kids Japan", which is researching children's veranda accidents, to take measures.

1 Height alone cannot prevent

The safety standard for the height of handrails on the second floor and above, which is stipulated by the Building Standards Law, is 110 cm.

However, in 2021, more than 70% of children aged 3 to 6 overcame the height of 120 cm in an experiment conducted by NPOs and others.

The time is only about 10 seconds on average.

Also, when I am about 2 years old, I try to overcome it by bringing my own chair.

Director Ohno points out that height alone does not actually prevent falls.

2 Ingenuity not to put a footrest

It is said that it is important not to put it on the balcony because it will climb up the high railing using the laundry basket or flower pot as a foothold.

The outdoor unit can also be used as a footrest, but in many cases it has to be installed on the balcony.

It is said that it should be 60 cm away from the railing, but there is no space on a small balcony.

In that case, Director Ohno says that he wants the board to be attached diagonally so that he can keep his feet on the table.

3 Net on the balcony

Some households are introducing the Internet.

There are also specialists who sell and install at home improvement stores.

If it can be cut with scissors, there is no problem under the Fire Service Act, but it costs money such as the Internet, and you need to get permission from the condominium management company.

4 Don't get used to the balcony

Another way to say "Don't go out on the balcony" from a young age.

Director Ohno points out that there are some households where pooling, relaxing, and spending time on the balcony are part of their lives, and the circumstances are different, so I would like them to practice in the households where they can.

5 Double lock

Double lock is the most recommended by NPOs.

Install it at a height above the window that children cannot reach.

There are also products that can be fixed in a slightly open state for ventilation, and can be purchased on the Internet or at baby goods stores.

Director Ohno says that this is a measure that anyone can take immediately, so I would like you to try it at homes with children.

New measures

Some measures are currently under development.

It is a "rotating handrail" devised by Safe Kids Japan.

When a child touches the handrail to climb, the handrail rotates when it turns, and it is a structure that can not put power.

In the experiment conducted in 2022, it seems that he could not climb until he was 3 years old, but he said that he was trying to climb up when he was 4 years old or older.

In the future, we will improve it so that it will be more difficult to climb.

And "a device that detects when a child goes out to the balcony and notifies with an alarm".

Development is underway at a research institute.

Practical use is still a long way off, and we are looking for companies to support it.

Also pay attention to the windows

In the experience of the viewers, there were voices such as "The child pushed the screen door and fell outward and was cool" and "Climbing the window, leaning out half of the body and waving to the pedestrian".

According to NPOs, in fact, it is often the case that the screen door comes off and the child falls not only from the balcony but also from the window.

Director Ohno is urging people not to put anything that can be used as a footrest under the window, and if there is immovable furniture such as a bed under the window, install a double lock on the window.

In some cases, parents are trapped in the balcony

Although it was not an accident in which a child fell, there were multiple experiences that a one-year-old child locked the window and his parents were locked out while he was drying the laundry on the balcony.

Regarding this, Director Ohno pointed out that "children try to imitate the behavior of their parents. By the time they are about one year old, they can lock the windows," and so that the windows do not close completely. For example, he wants you to get into the habit of sandwiching something such as slippers or towels.

From the voices received this time, we can see that many parents have had a cool experience and are worried about what to do.

Director Ohno says that it is impossible for parents to keep an eye on their children, and points out that it is necessary to create an environment where they can spend their time safely.

Mikiko Ohno, Director of Safe Kids Japan

"It's a daily occurrence for parents to take their eyes off their children when they receive luggage, receive calls, and especially now when they receive a message on their smartphones. Falling from the veranda is 10 Considering that it can happen in about a second, I think that it is difficult for anyone to take their eyes off, and it is difficult to say "Keep an eye on them at all". It is okay to take your eyes off for a short time. I think it is very important to take measures. "

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