• Intimacy Metropolis, the series about sexual videos and photos that you will want to see until the end


, the new

Netflix series

, begins with a woman committing suicide at sea.

It is followed by the image of another, a woman smoking a cigarette in the Bilbao City Hall.

She is the deputy mayor and is running in the next mayoral election.

She leaves there, goes to swim, and when she is returning to her house she sees a video with sexual content starring her and a stranger on a gigantic television.

The life of the two women is completely cut short.

Yes, fiction, but, as almost always happens, reality has once again surpassed fiction.

This Sunday, the actor and presenter

Santi Millán

became a Trending Topic -today it still is- and made dozens of headlines: 'A

sexual video


Santi Millán

being unfaithful to his wife'.

As it is.


's first woman

was an unknown woman who couldn't take any more of the harassment and demolition she was subjected to when an ex-boyfriend sent her co-workers a video from several years ago in which she had an orgy.

The second, a public character, who is described in the series as "a rock", seems to endure the pull, refuses to report it, even begs that it not be investigated ex officio.

Neither reported it, both out of fear, because they were singled out, because of the scandal... But it

was fiction


It was fiction until suddenly on hundreds and hundreds of mobile phones, in dozens and dozens of forums, the video that

Santi Millán

had recorded in the most absolute privacy of him with a woman began to circulate.

In the case of the first woman, the one who can't take it anymore and commits suicide, they also recorded her in her absolute privacy and with her consent;

in the second, no, it was all blackmail.

In the case of

Santi Millán

, it is not known who leaked it or how it got into the hands of anyone who did a brief search on the Internet, but what is certain is that it is his privacy, that no one has the right to broadcast it without his consent and that nobody can exchange it as if it were a simple commodity in a market.

"I only know that it is a crime"

, have been the few words that the actor has declared to the


newspaper after the content of the video was made public.

The video of Santi Millán, a crime

And let it be clear, just in case the grace of seeing a famous person having more than explicit sexual relations and with whom it is assumed is not his wife, the crime of spreading sexual images of someone famous or not without their consent, in addition to being immoral , is included in

Article 197.7 of the penal code

, which can say it louder, but not clearer: "Whoever, without authorization from the affected person, disseminates, reveals, or transfers to third parties images or audiovisual recordings of the one obtained with their consent in a home or in any other place out of sight of third parties, when the violation seriously undermines the personal privacy of that person. person".

Still from the Netflix series Intimacy. NETFLIX

Little seems worth it considering what is reported in the

Netflix series

and what

Santi Millán

must be going through right now .

Collateral damage in privacy of family, friends, professions, etc.

they are immense;

damage to one's own person has no limits.

In the case of the first woman, starring

Verónica Echegui

, suicide;

in the case of the second, starring

Itziar Ituño

, the aggression of her daughter, almost the end of her career, a marriage that had been held up with pins since before, the death of a third party, the investigation, the weaving of the that is subdued... And that in a television series, now it's time to take the side of

Santi Millán


Santi Millán

is a victim because a crime has been committed against him.

But in addition to

Santi Millán

there are all the others.

The girl in the video, whose face is also shown, his wife,

Rosa Olucha

, and her children, the two children they both have.

It's not just

Santi Millan

having sex with a woman - what fun!

Isn't it? - It's

Santi Millán

, his family, his friends, his work, when now he is also filming the next season of

Got Talent

, of which he is the presenter.

Human beings are curious by nature.

He always wants to know what is happening to the person next door and if it has the word sex written on it, even more so.

If it were only to look, none of this would transcend.



of the


of another to see in your own privacy.

The problem is that it never stays that way.

On this occasion it was

Santi Millán

, a media character, with which the ball becomes immense and completely out of control, but the same thing happens even if it is your neighbor, your co-worker, your cashier or your swimming teacher.

The problem is that in addition to seeing it, there is a need to share it, for others to see it with you, comment on it with you, laugh with you.

You only have to do a brief review of the social networks this morning and this Sunday afternoon to see that among the criticisms of

Santi Millán

for having allegedly been unfaithful to his wife -although I think that few more than he and she will know what kind of relationship they have and what they accept or not-, and for recording themselves having sexual relations -as if nobody here had ever seen porn-, we must add the easy jokes, the memes, the jokes, the insults... In short, the harassment.

No one knows how that video of

Santi Millán

came to be made public, unlike what happens in the series in which a police officer investigates until they find out who leaked them and who shared them.

The one by

Santi Millán

is not known who has aired it, but if we follow the trail of what the series says, it will be known.

And not only who has broadcast it, who has leaked it, who has skipped the law, but who has spread it, and that is when the time comes to throw one's hands in the head.

The case of Oblivion Hormigos

Who is without sin cast the first stone.

Not one would fall.

In fact, in the

Netflix series

there is a section just for those, for those who broadcast, for those who laugh, for those who share.

Intimacy could have stayed with discovering who the blackmailers were or the vindictive ex-boyfriend who passed that first video, but it goes further.

It goes to those social networks, to those


groups , to those emails, to those messages... It goes to all those who can end up sinking someone's life by sharing that someone's intimacy.

I forget Ants. THE WORLD

Santi Millán

knows well the price of living constantly exposed to fame.

In fact, perhaps this is the most serious and hardest thing that he has had to face, but it is not the first time that he has had to live in the arena.

Some funny jokes about

Paz Padilla

's appearance , her son shooting a water pistol at her crotch or in

El Hormiguero

showing her anti-sacramental art have been some of the last ones.

But that's what celebrities live with.

It is very different when it is your intimacy, the greatest of intimacies, the one in a bedroom that is exposed, the one that comes to light, the one that is discovered, the one that will make you, even if it is a crime, sink into the largest of the wells.

And it is not the first and, surely, it will not be the last.

No one can forget the case of

Olvido Hormigos


Back then, in 2012, there were no series on


that made our consciences feel bad.

At that time ,

Olvido Hormigos

had to see the video that she sent to another man who was not her husband, also with a high sexual content.

Of course it was shared, of course the same thing that has been done with

Santi Millán was done, but on that occasion the



, the programs shamelessly showed that video, even with her body present.

Because then there was no such law, there was no such concept of victim for which he was the protagonist of an intimate video that was made public and spread without his consent.


Criminal Code

included as a crime the unauthorized dissemination of images or intimate recordings since the case of

Olvido Hormigos


ends up being a hard, cruel, shocking series... A series that you see and think, how could they do that to these women?

Well, you don't have to go so far or cross fiction.

Reality will always leave you where you belong.

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