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Esther Yeo, a broadcaster with a doctorate in medicine, explained various controversies surrounding her, such as overdosing at work and overdose of nutritional supplements.

On the 17th, Esther Yeo posted on her YouTube channel 'Esther Yeo Esther TV', 'Broadcast review, is Esther gangster?

Welfare for broadcasting?

I will only tell you the truth.”

Earlier, Esther Yeo appeared on KBS2's 'The boss's ear is a donkey's ear' and revealed the daily life of the company in which she is the representative.

However, some netizens who watched the broadcast criticized Esther's way of pointing out the appearance of employees and meddling in his private life as being the boss's power.

Esther Yeo said, "I thought a lot after watching the broadcast. (The staff) thought they were my children and said they were straightforward, but when I saw myself on the show, I thought, 'This is a bit harsh'".

He continued, "I was terrified when an employee said about me 'a boss like a mother-in-law'. Many mother-in-law around the world say to their daughter-in-law, 'You are my daughter,' but they do not think of them as daughters. I should not do it,' but I saw the broadcast and saw that I was doing that. That's why I said sorry to the staff."

Esther also clarified the criticism that revealing the appearance of eating 40 nutritional supplements on the air was "Isn't it an exaggerated setting for product sales?"

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However, he said, "Not everyone needs to eat like me. What I always emphasize is that I have a unique constitution and have many diseases here and there. Also, as an expert, when I ate such various nutritional supplements, I couldn't determine if there were any interactions or problems. That's why I'm eating that way," he explained.

He added, "Other people and healthy people do not need to eat as much as I do. You only need to take vitamin D, omega 3, and a multivitamin, and other than that, you can consume it in consultation with experts."

Finally, Esther Yeo said, "I reflected a lot while watching the broadcast, saying, 'I need to fix that. I will try to become a good CEO. It's okay to curse at me, but it hurts so much when our employees look bad. Please encourage our employees a lot."

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)