According to the Ministry of Defense, a total of three Chinese Navy guided-missile destroyers and supply ships are traveling south about 220 km east of Mt. Kinka in Miyagi Prefecture at around 2:00 pm on the 19th. Announced that it was confirmed.

The three vessels were sailing southwest about 220 km southeast of Inubosaki in Chiba Prefecture around 10 am on the 20th.

It was confirmed that these ships passed through the Tsushima Strait and entered the Sea of ​​Japan on the 13th of this month, after which the supply ship went out to the Pacific Ocean through the Tsugaru Strait with other ships, and two other ships. It is believed that the missile destroyer went out to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk through the Strait Strait and then to the Pacific Ocean to join the supply ship.

In the waters around Japan, five Russian Navy vessels sailed from off Cape Collar in Hokkaido to off Chiba Prefecture and near the Izu Islands, and then on the 19th, they passed through the waters between the main island of Okinawa and Miyako Island and traveled through the Japanese archipelago. It's almost half a lap.

The Ministry of Defense analyzes the purpose of navigation of Chinese and Russian vessels, and continues to be vigilant and surveillance.