On the 20th of World Refugee Day set by the United Nations, a 25-meter-high Kannon statue at a temple in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was lit up in blue, the symbol color of the United Nations.

The illumination on the night of the 20th was set by the United Nations at Ofuna Kannonji Temple in Kamakura City to deepen the understanding of refugees around the world as the number of people being chased by Russia's invasion of Ukraine is increasing rapidly. It was done according to the day.

About an hour after 7 pm, a 25-meter-high Kannon statue in the precincts was illuminated by the blue light of the United Nations symbol color.

At JR Ofuna Station, which is right next to the temple, a civic group raised funds to support Ukraine in time for the illumination, and many people stopped.

The collected donations will be donated to the Ukrainian embassy together with the donations that have been sent to the temple so far.

Yasuhiro Matsuki of Ofuna Kannonji said, "I pray for people in difficult positions to have a peaceful life, and I would like to continue to act."