China News Service, June 18. According to the "Shanghai Release" WeChat public account, at the press conference on the city's epidemic prevention and control work held on June 18, Wu Huanyu, deputy director of the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced: The two-level disease control department is responsible for the surrounding area of ​​Ruijin 2nd Road Street in Huangpu District, Hunan Road Street in Xuhui District and Nanjing West Road Street in Jing'an District, Red Rose Beauty Salon in Xuhui District, Suning Tesco (Wujiochang Store) and Grete in Baoshan District. The epidemic situation such as the sports park gym has been traced back to its origin.

The relevant information is reported as follows:

  1. The Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted viral gene sequencing on the positive infected persons in the above-mentioned epidemics. The results of the sequencing and comparison show that the virus genotypes are all Omicron BA.2.2 variant strains.

  2. Comprehensive analysis, the adjacent enclosed areas of Xuhui, Jing'an and Huangpu districts and their associated epidemics are clustered epidemics caused by infection of the same epidemic virus strain, and the potential community epidemic risks in the area have not been detected and eliminated in time. are closely related.

  3. The outbreak of the Red Rose Beauty Salon in Xuhui District is a clustered outbreak of a unit. Based on the results of epidemiological investigation and virus gene sequencing comparison, the source of infection risk can be focused on the Xuhui block of Hewei District adjacent to the three districts (Lane 339, Changle Road) Existing community outbreaks.

  4. The outbreak of Suning Tesco (Wujiochang Store) is a clustered outbreak in a place. Because employees come into contact with customers who have been infected with the virus in the community at work, secondary infection and the spread of the epidemic are caused.

Combined with the results of epidemiology and sequencing, there is a high correlation between the epidemic situation in the gym of Greite Sports Park in Baoshan District and the epidemic situation in Suning Tesco (Wujiochang Store).